Calontir Northshield

The Shires of Heraldshill and Silfren Mere
are co-sponsoring
Ages of War:
The Rus vs. The World

27-30 August 2009
at the Floyd County Fairgrounds

Heraldshill Silfren Mere

Living through the ages in a land without natural barriers, the Rus had many enemies - but also many friends. Come celebrate war and friendship on the border of Calontir and Northshield.

Armored Combat, Archery, A&S Competitions, Bardic Activities, Classes, Equestrian Activities, Feasting, Inns, Inter-Kingdom Fund-raising, Merchants, Siege Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Youth Activities and The Broken Harp!

Updated 16 September 2009

Troll CONSTRUCTION ALERT! "Our" exit ramps off Hwy 27 were closed today (8/26/09). See alternate directions below.


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